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JMN 11,3 (1964) 348-351 ASSMANN,H. DORR W. AND PEEKS. N. JMN 140(1986)1-6. Control of UO2 microstructure by oxidative sintering. [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] LAVAGNINO, CARLOS, Sistema para Analisis cuantitativo de imagenes. Asociacidn Arg. Cordoba 1995. , Introd. to Ceramics. V. and GLODEANU F.. Pore Geometry and interfacial energy. D. , Grain growth in porous compacts. J. of The Am. Cer. Soc. Vol 48 No. ,On Uranium self-diffusion in UO2 and UO2+X. JMN 30 (1969) 26-35 Uranium dioxide. Ed. J.

Such grain growth may also occur in a reduced pellet through a fast arrival to a high enough sintering temperature. In order to prevent excessive solarization, slower slopes and not too high sintering temperatures are recommended. 47 Differences in density between the center of the pellet and the periphery, due to solarization, may produce its rupture. In oxidative sintering, after the reducing annealing, solarization occurs due to the change in the lattice parameter. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS To A. Benitez for the ceramographies and useful discussions and G.

H2O). The manufacturing objectives consisted on the one hand in obtaining a high density material free of any cracks likely to affect its intrinsic properties, and on the other hand, to preserve the initial quasi-spherical shape of the inclusions after pressing. 63 In order to avoid distorting the shape of the Gd2O3 macrospheres during pressing, it was found useful to consolidate them by a preliminary heat treatment before mixing them with the UO2 powder. Three different batches were characterized in order to study the effects of the preliminary consolidation of the macrospheres on the final microstructure, the sinterability and the thermal conductivity of the composite structure.

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