Introduction to the Insurance Industry by Rodney Lester

By Rodney Lester

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Islamic Insurance: A Modern Approach to Islamic Banking (Islamic Studies)

A few Muslims think assurance is senseless, as society might actually help its sufferers. Muslims can now not forget about the truth that they stay, exchange and speak with open international structures, they usually can now not forget about the necessity for banking and assurance. Aly Khorshid demonstrates how preliminary clerical apprehensions have been conquer to create pioneering Muslim-friendly banking platforms, and applies the teachings learnt to a attainable coverage framework during which Muslims can compete with non-Muslims in company and feature hide in way of life.

Annuity Markets

The Pension drawback issues the altering demographic profile of extra aged and less kids within the economic climate. realizing and tackling this coming near near drawback is a key job for public coverage. An annuity protects anyone from outliving their discounts, and is principal to pensions coverage. This ebook examines the differing kinds of annuities on hand, how those annuities are priced, the heritage of annuities, how annuities markets functionality: how they paintings, and are they effective.

Old-Age Security in Comparative Perspective

This paintings makes vast use of 7 well-developed historic case experiences describing the evolution of public old-age defense in business countries (Germany, uk, Sweden, and the us) and constructing international locations (Brazil, Nigeria, and India). The authors specialise in specifying contexts during which normal theoretical views can be utilized to account for those advancements.

Market-Consistent Actuarial Valuation

It's a not easy job to learn the stability sheet of an coverage corporation. This derives from the truth that assorted positions are usually measured via diversified yardsticks. resources, for instance, are in general worth marketplace costs while liabilities are frequently measured by means of verified actuarial equipment. even though, there's a common contract that the stability sheet of an coverage corporation can be measured in a constant means.

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