Joinery - The Complete Guide to Woodworking Joinery by Thomas McKenna

By Thomas McKenna

Joinery - the entire consultant to Woodworking Joinery

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My mitered boxes. I use masking tape because it has some stretch, which helps bring the large miters together. Place the four components in line in the sequence front/side/back/side, with the top edges toward you and the outside face up. Use a straightedge to align the top edges and slide the panels together so that the sharp edges of the miters are touching.

This works for all screws and woods, but you need dial calipers ($21 for a 6-in. com; product No. G9256) and a full set of drill bits, graduated by 64ths of an inch. First, measure the root diameter of the screw by reaching into the space between threads. This is the diameter of the pilot hole. For very soft woods like pine, go down one bit size; for very hard Special screws for sheet goods Though wood movement is not a major concern, plywood and MDF are especially prone to end- and edge-splitting.

Crosscut the stock to remove any serious twist, bowing, or knots, but keep it as long as possible to reduce the number of pieces you’ll have to rout. ), and rip to the exact width on the tablesaw. The stacked style does away with bit changing and may Rout the edge profile on all pieces Now you can rout the edge profile on all of the door-frame pieces while they are still long. Start with the “stick” bit in your router. Adjust the height until you produce a profile with a 1⁄16-in. fillet at the top.

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