Like Clockwork by Bonnie Dee

By Bonnie Dee

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That was al he needed to see. He didn't want to know any more. But the inspector continued to move and then there was nothing left to block Dash's view of Lizzie's fish-white body laid open like a side of beef at the butcher's. He'd seen death before and plenty of violence living on these streets so he was taken by surprise when a wave of dizziness swept through him and bile rose in his throat. "Steady," a quiet voice by his side murmured. Victoria Waters's hand clasped his even tighter and she tugged on it.

More carbide lights as wel as kerosene lanterns were attached to the beams, il uminating the area. Suddenly there were many ragged people going about their business as if in a marketplace. Goods were bartered and money changed hands. The people were a strange amalgam of various levels of poverty. Some were dirty, gaunt and dressed in ragged clothing, and as pale and thin as wraiths as if they hadn't seen the sun in years. Others appeared better fed and clothed and less furtive. She guessed they did their dealings in the world above as wel as down here.

He was impatient now, anxious to be on his way. He had to see Lizzie's body before they took her away, had to see for himself if she was real y dead. He hastily tied the scarf around Miss Waters's eyes before taking her hand and walking her to the door. He shut it behind him on Robeson's grumblings and Perrier's complaints. Victoria stumbled alongside him down the rough passageways. He should never have embarked on the foolish misadventure of a kidnap plan. The last thing he needed now was a captive to look after.

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