Critical Stability Constants: Inorganic Complexes by Arthur Martell, Robert M. Smith

By Arthur Martell, Robert M. Smith

Over the prior fifteen years the fee on Equilibrium info of the Analytical department of the I nter­ nationwide Union of natural and utilized Chemistry has been sponsoring a noncritical compilation of steel complicated formation constants and comparable equilibrium constants. This paintings used to be broad in scope and ended in the e-book of 2 huge volumes of balance Constants by way of the Chemical Society (London). the 1st quantity, edited by means of L. G. Si"en (for inorganic ligands) and by means of A. E. Marte" (for natural ligands), was once released in 1964 and coated the literature via 1962. the second one quantity, subtitled complement No.1, edited by means of L. G. Si"en and E. Hogfeldt (for inorganic ligands) and by means of A. E. Marte" and R. M. Smith (for natural ligands), was once released in 1971 and coated the literature as much as 1969. those huge compilations tried to hide a" papers within the box relating to steel advanced equilibria (heats, entropies, and loose energies). because it was once the coverage of the fee in the course of that interval to prevent judgements in regards to the caliber and reliability of the broadcast paintings, the compilation may usually comprise from ten to 20 values for a unmarried equilibrium consistent. in lots of instances the values may range through one or maybe orders of value, hence difficult readers who desired to use the information with no doing the vast literature research essential to ascertain the right kind price of the consistent in question.

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2 -31. 1; d o e 25, ° 3. 15 500, ; 0 t 25-40°, 0,'. 0; ; s 10- II. 10 v 180, 1. 7 Bibliography: H+ Mg 2+ Ca 2+ 14MR,25MM,28SH,35MB,35SM,35W,37P,38CH, Pb 2+ 41HS,43HD,46N,57MS,58FN,58NR,59Ea,60GL, Other references: 28RS,35KA,59FB,61NM 00Bc,03AC,07P,09SL,11AV, 61NM,71Nb, 73DH, 73MC 13AP,14W,15J,17SL,220,23M,26HB,29K, 41G,62H,63Ha,74RL 30M,39HJ,42N,42Na,46KD,50M,51M,52Lb, 29FJ,35HR,37BH,41G,46Na,62GT,68La,70Lb, 52Sf,55MB,56BC,57Sa,57Sb,57Sc,58LG, 74JL,74RL 35KA 58MG,58ML,58VG,59E,59Kb,59KS,59U, Sr 2+ 2+ Ba 35KA,46Na,73BS y 3+_Yb 3+ 66JH 2+ Mn 35KA,63H,70GK Fe 2+,Ni 2+,Zn 2+,Cd 2+ 35KA Co 2+ 67B Cu 2+ 35KA,58Sb,59FB,68SRG Ag+ 27WB Hg2 2+ 29B 60BG,60BK,60R,61GM,61GT,61PK,62GM, 62PNN,62SH,62WS,63E,63MG,63R,63SR, 64FD,65BBa,65GSS,66BT,67Ba,68B,68BB, 68Na,69Bc,69H,69NR,70HKS,71Na,72MV, 720S D.

1; n 180, 0; x 10-40°, 0 21 II. 8 f 1. 8 f 1. 41 e-O. 04 1. 2 d 2•. 33 1. 1 21. 17k 1. 17 k 1. 2 _16 c D. 0S f 1. L 1. 21 1. 2; y 30°, 0 Bibliography: H+ 42SH,66BK y3+_ Lu 3+ Be 2+ Mg 2+ 7lSK 73HHa Ac 3+ 6SRS 3+ 3+ Pu -Es 65CK,65Sc,72HPa,74KC Sc 3+ 64KS,67KG Th 4+ 64B,64KS,65Sc,74KC,74KM SOWS lld II. 34 INORGANIC LIGANDS Hydrogen thiocyanate (continued) u4+ 54AL,55DW U0 22+ V2+ Cr 2+ 49Aa,57DM,64VM,71AKa 52YV,53BG,53CH,53FH,53J,56LS,56Ta, 68MSa,680P 5 7GS, 57I, 5lTS, 5 7YT, 58Hf>~ 58PD, 58SW, 58YF 60NA,61BT,61GS,61MD,61SN,62LY,62S, Mn 2+ 58YK,63TC,64TCa,67NT,73HH 62Va,63RS,64K,64VM,65HS,65MSW,65NH, Fe 2+ 58YK,67CS 66CM,66SD,66VV,68P,69SMT,69SS,70FS, Co 2+ 51SS,58SP,58YK,62TZ,62W,63TC,64KS, 70SGK,71BSB,71DD,71KN,71MO,71MS,71PT, 67NT,70MM,71SM,73HH 72HPB,72L,73CDa,73RT,74RB,74TM Ni 2+ 58YK,62W,63TC,67NT,68MT,70MM,73HH, 74K Cu 2+ V3+ 59TT,62W,67NT,70MM,73HH,74K cr 3+ Fe 3+ 54PB,55PK 51FG,67BSW,68KT 51MM,51SS,53BD,55LR,56L,57YT,58BCC, 58P,61Y,64KS,65MR,67CS,68Ma,68PC,69VM 5lFG,68SW 59FS 12K,54KT,54LN,55LN,56VS 66K 29B,70CG 65SS 65BB 52Sb,57N,58BC,58PD,60KM,62KC,65KM, 660L,71FR Pd 2+ Zn 2+ 66MK,70DSa,71AKb,73RS Cd 2+ 41L,57TH,63TC,64KS,66Gb,68G,68GJa, 63GKG,65FK,66BSA 73HH,73RS Hg 2+ Sn 2+ 56T,62TE,70CG,71AKb,74Kb 61GO 2+ 3+ (CH3)2Sn ,CH 3Sn 68PC 2 Pb + 56LS,59TH,63MKT,67NT A1 3+ Ga 3+ 64KS,68DD In 3+ 54Sa,64KS,68DD,69R Bi 3 71FKa 63VM Other references: 26B,49KH,51HDC,52AP, D.

5 i Bibliography: H+ Co2+ 00Ba,36S,36WS,67SL,70AB,73KN,74KN 73SS N1· 2+ , Zn 2+ 52SZ Other references: 00Bb,28H,29G,41Y,53RL, 54R,54Sd,67BS,72AG,72AK II. 5 Bibliography: H+ 00B,00T,270a,4lH,6lRB,63S,65LL Mn2+_Cu 2+,Ag+ 638 VO + 2 73B Zn 2+ 55N, 63S Other references: 01W,40IA,57MR,57MRH, 6lKb,65Fa,66FPS,66GS,68JD,688,7418 E. H lIS 25 0 1 0 25°! 1; 0 20 0 , 0; r20_58° , 0 II. 90 k (_l3)s (_12)k Bibliography: H+ , 2+ Co Ni 2+ Cu 2+ Fe 3+ 41Ya,56GW,59BC,61BD,63DW,66BK,67MR, Tl+ 52Sa,56GW,57NN 72NS,76AA, 70DSa,76AA 70SG Zn 2+ Cd 2+ 43L,61SN,66Gb,76AA 67MRa,70SG,76AA Hg2+ 65MK,76AA 56GW,58S0,71N,72NS,72SN 52Sc,54FS,56GW Cu+ Ag+ 61BD,61WD,65MK,67CE,76AA Pb2+ Tl 3+ 53Sb,72SN Other references: 38TN,52Sa,54LS,56GW 57BPa,59ES,61NP,61SA,62BS,68DS,73AA, Hg 2 52Sc,56GW 74Pb 2+ 65V 00H,OOW,160,28H,32BR,40Q, 47 GROUP V LIGANDS E.

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