Great Perfection - Volume II - Separation and Breakthrough by Third Dzogchen Rinpoche

By Third Dzogchen Rinpoche

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Thus, though they do address the individual practices of the Heart Essence, it is difficult to discern their order due to the fact that each of the three testaments has a different orientation and presentation. The next text in the Heart Essence of the Dakinis is entitled Essential Instructions on the Essence Tantras That Liberate upon J#aring. In this short set ofinstructions, Garap Dorje condenses the content of the tantras and key instructions into a more accessible format with a clearly structured set of practices.

This introduction takes place in three steps. First, stillness is pointed out to be the mind's adornment, then movement is pointed out to be the play of the mind, and finally movement and stillness are pointed out to be nondual. As with the first pointing out instruction, these introductions are evocative and experiential, rather than theoretical. Following these contemplations and pointing out instructions, both Terdak Lingpa and the Third Dzogchen Rinpoche offer general advice on studying and practicing the breakthrough teachings, how to advance in practice, and how to identify the obstacles to meditation and apply their respective antidotes.

At the close of the eighth century, the Dharma king Trisong Deutsen invited Padmasambhava to Tibet to help' construct Samye Monastery. While there, he taught the entire range of Buddhist teachings and helped plant the Dharma firmly in Tibetan soil. Padmasambhava transmitted the Heart Essence teachings in secret to a few close disciples. He first taught the Heart Essence of the Dakinis to Yeshe Tsogyal at the cave complex ofZhoto Tidro in Central Tibet, and later at Samye Chimpu. The following passage from the Precious History of the Treasure recounts how this transmission took place:30 One time the master Padmasambhava was practicing at Zhoto Tidro Trak along with his spiritual partner, Lady Tsogyal of Kharchen.

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