Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of Rare Earths, Volume by Author Unknown

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This quantity covers a number of actual elements of a variety of rare-earth fabrics. Magnetic phenomena dominate the contents of the 1st 4 chapters which take care of skinny movies and layered buildings, and intermetallic and nonmetallic compounds. the rest chapters take care of coherent emission and digital constitution calculations of lanthanide molecules.

The first bankruptcy covers the state of the art of the synthesis and homes of skinny motion pictures of the rare-earth metals and layered superstructures of 2 rare-earth metals. the next bankruptcy is a overview of rare-earth-transition steel nanoscale multilayers and describes the new advances in our figuring out of magnetic constitution, interfacial magnetism, and foundation of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy of lanthanide-transition-metal nanoscale multilayers. the following bankruptcy offers with one of many very important sequence of rare-earth intermetallic compounds, these which own the ThNm12-type constitution. The authors of the subsequent bankruptcy assessment the categorical magnetic and magnetoelastic houses of convinced crystals, that are decided by way of the localized digital magnetic moments of the lanthanide ions within the crystal lattice and their interactions with one another and surrounding ions. The bankruptcy on coherent emission differs from different reports at the topic in that it concentrates at the broader matters. right here the emphasis is on superradiance, superfluorescence, amplification of spontaneous emission via different inspired emision than the laser impression and coherent spontaneous emission. the ultimate bankruptcy describes the growth that has been made in digital constitution calculations of lanthanide-containing molecules, particularly within the final 10 years.

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In contrast, the radial width of the commensurate peaks are often resolution limited, corresponding to a correlation length of several thousand A or greater. One other notable feature of the data shown in fig. 25 is that in the non-resonant scattering experiments no scattering was observed at the primary satellite position rm in the purely c-axis modulated phase that exists above 52 K, where the cross-section varies as sin 6 0 and is weak. This observation had to wait for resonant scattering techniques to be applied to the problem.

E McMORROW ,~ ~ et al. ,~;:;i-. ~- o ~-o i ~ °~ I i i ~ e e 00s/sluno~ l % i i • o~ ~ X-RAY SCATTERINGSTUDIES OF LANTHANIDEMAGNETISM 43 measured in the E1 dipole or E2 quadrupole channels. 25, Kawamura 1988). 1 which do not agree with the results expected for simple mean-field scaling, where for the nth harmonic/3n = n x/31. These results have been further discussed by Helgesen et al. (1994) in the context of recent work on the XY universality class (Brock et al. 1986, Aharony et al. 1986). The values of/3 determined for the other lanthanides using X-ray techniques are considered in sect.

7. Temperature dependence of the modulation wave vector T~ for three different Ho samples: Ho(1) (crosses), Ho(2) (open circles), and thin film (solid circles). The spin-slip structure for the simply commensurate wave vectors are shown on the right. The data for ~, = ~ in Ho(1) were obtained from neutron scattering. ) directly to a spin-slip description of the magnetic structure. Figure 8 shows the detailed evolution of the X-ray scattering as the temperature is lowered from around 25 K to 17K.

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