Inorganic Nitrogen in Plants and Microorganisms: Uptake and by R. H. Hageman (auth.), Wolfram R. Ullrich, Carmelo Rigano,

H2S + 4 H20 In the last two instances, metaphosphate energy is required, first of all, as a previous step to reduction, for the removal by protons of oxide anions from the corresponding oxidized bioelements, either from carbon dioxide (actually two carboxylate anions) or 25 from sulfate.

1977). When the free amino acids are not available, protein synthesis and accumulation stop and the kernel accumulates only the last fraction of starch. In legumes, in fact, protein synthesis continues up to the end of ripening (Smith 1973) since there is a large availability of free amino acids in the plant. ). ) with quite different effect at the nutritional and technological level. 30 Cereals Considering cereal seeds (caryopses), high protein content is normally highly valuable, particularly if in a form of high technological value.

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