Inward Strength of a National Socialist by Capt. R. Gordon-Canning

By Capt. R. Gordon-Canning

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R. C. The British Union, in order not only to waken, but to keep alive the emotions and enthusiasm of the British people, must affirm continually both its mystic and militant elements. , of British life. For both these elements, mystic and militant, are devoted to the attainment of Union and both of which have been employed by the great world religions of Christ and Mohammed. The Jews have never been mystic, and the Buddhists have never been militant. Thus, in these decadent and materialistic days of British history, when the Church has lost a considerable part of its prestige by the actions of its clergy, in many cases either sycophants of the rich or adherents to the soul-destroying gospel of Bolshevism, it remains for the mystical urge inherent in National Socialism to revitalise, to respiritualise, the daily life and thought of the people.

That this country is better off should surely be so, with its territories and its possibilities, and considering what our forefathers have achieved for Britain. But is there any reason to remain satisfied because we are slightly better off than other countries which do not possess our resources? Simply to remain satisfied with being better off is a spineless, weak-kneed outlook, and one which must ultimately bring this great country with all its wealth and gifts to decadence and decay, if it has not already done so.

As the raindrops fall upon a hillside, collect and form a rivulet and many rivulets join to make a river, and several rivers join into one great river to sweep onward through and over all barriers until it arrives at its destination and merges into the ocean, so the individual member of the British Union coalesces and unifies himself in the great fundamental political-social element of National-Socialism, his individual journey completed, but his individual force still active and more than ever intensified and magnificent within the ranks of the British Union.

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